28th February – 8th March

Tea & Talk artists’ discussion Sunday March 8 International Women’s Day, 2 – 4pm.

Hermione Allsop – Alexandra Drawbridge – AnnaMaria Kardos – Paula MacArthur – Kate Murdoch – Mitra Saboury – Wendy Saunders – Susan Sluglett – Geraldine Swayne

Disturbance is an all female exhibition chosen to run up to International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March.

‘Disturbance’ draws together work from 8 artists. Using different media: sculpture, video, photography, installation, painting, text and performance; the artists take conventional objects or images and disrupt them. Though not necessarily driven by a feminist agenda, all the work is underpinned by a feminine perspective.

Painter and curator Paula MacArthur has carefully selected this group of artists both for their alluring and unsettling imagery; and to convey the disturbance thrown up by the complex negotiations facing artists engaged with female identity today. ‘Disturbance’ ranges from painter Susan Sluglett’s lushly painted floral bouquets which have been trashed and trampled, Hermione Allsopp’s ‘re-made’ sculptures which push at the boundaries of attraction/repulsion and ideas of taste, to Mitra Saboury’s surprising and sometimes visceral films.

The exhibitions showcases high quality work by contemporary women artists, not espousing a particular feminist line but working within their own practices creating art which moves from the subtly subversive to the overtly challenging. There is humour alongside serious questioning of norms – all combining to provide a feast of visual excitement.