Map Tout

12th December – 24th December

Twelve artists and illustrators who make maps have contributed to this group show. Some pieces are charming, some are rude, some are funny, some are informative but all would make excellent Christmas presents!

Show runs from the 12th to 24th Dec with the opening on Friday 11th at 6pm.

Bombs ‘n’ Bass

BBflyer1st October

New work by Gideon Feldman and Mark Perronet

Gideon’s ‘Everything Shatters’ series is based around a generic type of image of a bomb falling amid various brightly coloured backgrounds. Fair enough, but these are real stained glass pieces made in the traditional way with lead holding them together. They are mounted in heavy black frames and have an integral led light source. Each one is like a window looking out to a bright day. They are made in series but each one is different, as Gideon says every cut of glass is unique so every one of his pieces is unique. Some of the glass is modern and some is as much as one hundred years old. By reproducing objects of destruction in the fragile medium of glass, Everything Shatters comments on the futility and intransigence of modern day warfare.

Mark’s ‘Spin Speakers’ are spin paintings on sheets of 70x70cm paper in bright colours with screenprinted bass speaker image over the top. Fair enough, but the screen print is made of ‘crumb rubber’ ground up recycled rubber tyres sometimes call ‘Astrodirt’ used for surfaces in playgrounds and sports pitches. The small rubber particles allow some of the image below to be visible while having a thickness which makes the speaker design almost three dimensional. Mark says he chose to reproduce speaker cones as they are a reminder of the visceral excitement of loud bass heavy music but also they are a major part of many subcultures and signify rebellion and independence.

Between the Lines

14th November – 5th December

Atom is very pleased to announce this exhibition of prints, paintings and wooden structures from two exciting and original artists. Each takes a very different approach to their work but the subject matter of simple and intriguing interlocking abstract shapes is shared by both. The other characteristic they share is a deep respect for their chosen materials and an almost obsessive attention to detail. This promises to be a very interesting exhibition…and good fun to look at too!

Art Shed Gallery – Open Sesame

3rd September – 8th September



Liminal Vision

11th September – 30th September

Driven to Abstraction

4th July – 1st August

David Gittings, Ian Hoskin, Simon Mathewson, Gina Parr

John J. Sheehy: ‘An Introspective’

Figurepinklores30th May – 27th June


Mark Perronet ‘Some Of My Stuff’

10th April – 23rd May

Screenprints, mono prints and paintings on aluminium of cowboys and pin ups.


28th February – 8th March

Tea & Talk artists’ discussion Sunday March 8 International Women’s Day, 2 – 4pm.

Hermione Allsop – Alexandra Drawbridge – AnnaMaria Kardos – Paula MacArthur – Kate Murdoch – Mitra Saboury – Wendy Saunders – Susan Sluglett – Geraldine Swayne

Disturbance is an all female exhibition chosen to run up to International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March.

‘Disturbance’ draws together work from 8 artists. Using different media: sculpture, video, photography, installation, painting, text and performance; the artists take conventional objects or images and disrupt them. Though not necessarily driven by a feminist agenda, all the work is underpinned by a feminine perspective.

Painter and curator Paula MacArthur has carefully selected this group of artists both for their alluring and unsettling imagery; and to convey the disturbance thrown up by the complex negotiations facing artists engaged with female identity today. ‘Disturbance’ ranges from painter Susan Sluglett’s lushly painted floral bouquets which have been trashed and trampled, Hermione Allsopp’s ‘re-made’ sculptures which push at the boundaries of attraction/repulsion and ideas of taste, to Mitra Saboury’s surprising and sometimes visceral films.

The exhibitions showcases high quality work by contemporary women artists, not espousing a particular feminist line but working within their own practices creating art which moves from the subtly subversive to the overtly challenging. There is humour alongside serious questioning of norms – all combining to provide a feast of visual excitement.

Urban Distance

14th March – 4th April

London cityscapes, paintings and prints

  • Marc Gooderham
  • Oliver Yu Chan
  • Alex Mulder
  • Helen Brough
  • Ronnie Cruwys

Opening Reception: 6 – 8pm – Fri 13th March